The glossary was last updated on 10/05/2016
UIA Experts

Individuals in charge of providing support and advice to approved projects throughout the implementation  and closure phases.

UIA Investment

Output of a project activity(ies) that remains in use by the project’s target group after the completion of the project. In line with Article 3 ERDF Regulation (EU) 1301/2013, productive investments, investments in infrastructure and fixed investments in equipment are among the types of activities to be supported by ERDF.


Any entity engaged in an economic activity (offering goods and services on the market), regardless of its legal status, ownership and the way it is financed.

Urban Authority (UA)

Local administrative unit (LAU) defined according to the degree of urbanisation as city, town and suburb. In order to eligible in the framework of the UIA intiative, an Urban Authority shall comprise at least 50.000 inhabitants.