The glossary was last updated on 10/05/2016
Indirect costs

Indirect costs are costs that cannot be assigned in full to the project, as they link to various activities of the partner organisation. As such costs cannot be connected directly to an individual activity, it is difficult to determine precisely the amount attributable to this activity (for instance, telephone, water, electricity expenses, etc.).


UIA is an “initiative”, as EU legislation provides that ERDF may support innovative actions “at the initiative of the European Commission”. The terminology is different from a “Programme”, as the impulse exclusively comes from the Commission, and not Member States.

Integrated sustainable urban development

The various dimensions of urban life – environmental, economic, social and cultural – are interwoven and
success in urban development can only be achieved through an integrated approach. Measures concerning physical urban renewal must be combined with measures promoting education, economic development, social inclusion and environmental protection. In addition, the development of strong partnerships between local citizens, civil society, the local economy and the various levels of government is a pre-requisite.