Linking the Urban Development Network and the Urban Innovative Actions in Barcelona

On 15-16 December the Peer Review Workshop organized by the Urban Development Network took place in Barcelona. The UDN is set out in the ERDF regulation for Cohesion Policy involving local authorities throughout the EU implementing integrated urban strategies in line with ERDF article 7 and those implementing innovative actions in line with ERDF Article 8.

In the framework of this workshop more than 70 Spanish cities have participated, comparing, sharing and exchanging between their urban sustainable strategies. During the second day, a site visit to different projects in the Besós Area of Barcelona was organized.

The Besos Area, where the most deprived and poorest neighbourhoods of Barcelona are located, the City is carrying out its urban sustainable and integrated strategy supported by ERDF Article 7, and where the Urban Innovative Action, B MINCOME, is starting its implementation.  During the visit,   a short presentation of B MINCOME to the attending cities was performed by Lluís Torrens, Director of Planning and Innovation in the Social Rights Department of the Barcelona City Council.

Bcn picture 3_0.jpg

In short, B MINCOME expresses the municipal commitment to implement a guaranteed minimum income to complement the income of the Besos residents, raising them above the risk of poverty threshold and reducing inequality levels. It should provide households and individuals with security, freedom and greater responsibility as a lever in overcoming poverty. As a pilot project, will compare the effects that this income with different conditions and modalities will have on mitigating poverty and in improving inclusion of the persons receiving it.