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Modifier 05 August 2021

UIA Summer Reading List: Green, Just and Productive European Cities

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This Summer Reading List explores UIA projects’ contribution to the 3 pillars of the New Leipzig Charter, preparing for the Urban Agenda September webinars. Have a look and stay tuned to find out more about the agenda!

More than 20 years after the first Leipzig Charter, the context facing European cities has significantly changed. Climate change, the loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, migration movements, demographic change and rapidly changing economies all reinforced by the ongoing pandemic, reveal the major challenges that cities are facing and will face in the future, therefore calling for innovative and creative solutions to overcome them. The renewal of the Leipzig Charter reflects these changes whilst reasserting the importance of those defined in 2007, the basis of integrated sustainable urban development that has been inspiring urban policy across Europe since.

Major global trends are directly impacting towns and cities across Europe, threatening to increase disparities in our societies. UIA projects are already implementing activities that address climate and social challenges (more about the Just Transitions Knowledge Activity here) and testing solutions for cities to become more resilient and adaptive to sudden changes, as well as transform their urban development policies towards the common good. Some of these projects will be part of the webinar series organized by the Urban Agenda for the EU (UAEU) on how are urban initiatives and actions supporting Green, Just and Productive Cities in the EU?

Joining forces with UIA and URBACT cities, the UAEU will further explore the 3 pillars of the New Leipzig Charter during this series of 3 webinars in September 2021.

To prepare for such an ambitious programme, we have put together a Summer Reading List for you to explore how UIA cities feed into the New Leipzig Charter pillars stated above. Have a look and save the date! UIA cities will be speaking at the UAEU webinars on 20 September (the Productive dimension), 27 September (the Green dimension), 4 October (the Just dimension) 2021. Find out more here.


Summer Reading List

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