Modifier 19 October 2017

UIA Call 2: Read the findings of our Topic Coordinators from the proposals submitted

Three papers give insight into the main trends in the proposals submitted under Call 2.

The UIA second Call for Proposals closed on 14 April. Just over 200 proposals were submitted from across the EU for projects under three topics: circular economy, integration of migrants and refugees and urban mobility.

The UIA permanent secretariat recruits every year a panel of external experts for the Strategic Assessment that evaluate four elements of the proposals submitted: innovativeness, partnership, measurability as well as transferability and upscaling. The Strategic Assessment accounts for 80% of the weighting. For the second call, a new role was introduced to the panel of external experts, the Topic Coordinators, who were enlisted to ensure that under each topic the assessment and scoring was consistent and coherent.

As part of their role, Topic Coordinators therefore read all the proposals submitted and were able to put together a paper on the proposals submitted for each individual topic highlighting the main trends included in the innovative solutions proposed, the challenges faced by urban authorities and provides advice to those applicants that wish to participate in future UIA Calls.

Read the Topic Coordinators’ papers and gain more information on the proposals submitted in our second Call.  


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