Modifier 16 February 2021
by UIA Permanent Secretariat

Bridging UIA & Cohesion Policy: how to optimize UIA added value?

UIA & Cohesion Policy: Bridging UIA & Cohesion Policy; how to optimize UIA added value?
UIA and the Urban Development Network (UDN) are joining forces to organise a series of three webinars on UIA, achievements and perspectives.
The second webinar on UIA contribution to Cohesion Policy took place online and gathered around 550 participants. Read more about the key moments below

On 10 February, this second webinar focused on UIA operational knowledge and projects potential to inspire and possibly being scaled-up and replicated via sustainable urban development strategies and Cohesion Policy programmes. Around 550 participants from all over Europe and beyond explored ways of improving the mainstreaming of UIA policy and test-bed solutions. As for the first webinar, main actors of UIA projects’ implementation attended the event as City Authorities (27%) and representatives from the private sector (23%). As essential partners of UIA policy transfer, a substantial part of the audience was representing Managing Authorities (10%) and Regional governments (10%).


COMMUTE project - Toulouse Metropole
Car traffic in Toulouse Metropole - COMMUTE project



The potential for mainstreaming innovative actions within Cohesion policy

UIA inspiring a Cohesion Policy ‘closer to citizens’

How monitoring and evaluation can support innovative interventions?

UIA inspiring local delivery of future Cohesion policy

All material will be shared on the event platform.

Stay tuned on social media with #UDNWebinars and #UIAfuture to join the conversations following these 2 first webinars.

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