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4 articles, 4 projects, 4 inspiring practices rethinking urban and nature relationship

Green quays
Green quays
With climate change and biodiversity loss consequences, many challenges are ahead of EU cities in order to rethink the place and importance of nature in the urban fabric. Read more about how UIA projects are testing new solutions to prepare our cities and communities to cope with the challenges of climate change.

The EU Green Week 2020 edition focuses on nature and biodiversity, acknowledging their economic and social benefits to the society, and further enhancing the role they can play in supporting and stimulating recovery in a post-pandemic world. Beside the link between biodiversity loss and emerging infectious diseases, the global lockdown experienced by most of EU countries further enhanced urban areas’ reliability on biodiversity and ecosystems regarding their livability. Plants help to clean the air, water and soil play a significant role in the carbon cycle and reduce urban heat islands, lowering the temperature of entire neighborhoods by several degrees during hot weather and provide physical and psychological benefits to urban dwellers. Acknowledging these benefits, UIA cities test bold solutions that lie between strengthening the place of biodiversity in cities to raise awareness (OASIS project) and therefore increase the comfort of city dwellers (IGNITION project), while rewilding public spaces (GreenQuays project) so that nature can regain its place, mitigating climate crisis effects (GUARDIAN project), and protect us in the future.

This month, get to know more about 4 UIA projects inspiring approaches to such vivid challenges rethinking the urban and nature relationship.


Watch the UIA playlist to get to know more about project solutions against climate change consequences!

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