International knowledge about geopolymers available

International knowledge about geopolymers available
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Urban Infra Revolution project’s UIA Expert Dr inż. Kinga Korniejenko visited Lappeenranta in September. She gave open lecture on the 25th of September in the Lappeenranta University of Technlogy.

Kinga gave insights to her research about for example fly ash based geopolymers reinforced with fibres, linen, hemp and flax. The lecture gave the audience good overall picture about geopolymers and for the experts interesting research details and results, which are useful in UIR project, that works towards closing the loop with 3D printable, recyclable geocomposites made of industrial sidestreams.
Lecture is available here .
Dr inż. Kinga Korniejenko is a research adjunct at the Institute of Materials Engineering at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology. She received her first MSc from Material Engineering and second one from Management; and PhD from Management. Her research interests include waste management, durability of alkali-activated materials and geopolymers, especially fly ash based composites reinforced by short fibres for the supplication in the civil engineering.