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News from SURE - July 2022

News from SURE - July 2022
In this newsletter, among other things, we talk more in detail about the safety simulation of the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament, the integration of SURE solution into urban context in Tampere and results of Nokia Arena visitor survey.

We are happy to announce that the UIA secretariat has given SURE more time to execute our measures! The project will now continue until the end of February 2023. With given extra time, our objective is to get SURE investments (guiding lights, IoT platform control integration and traffic control) done with high quality.


the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament

The private security operator of the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament used Insta Blue Aware situation awareness solution during the games. A management system containing the situation awareness solution and a mobile app was utilized as a common communication channel to share real-time information about situations between the teams on the site and the situation room.

The situation room of the security operator used Insta Blue Aware together with the authorities. Security guards situated on the field and the first aid units used Insta Blue Tracker.

With the apps, parties were able to communicate with photos, videos, and text messages. It was also possible to share real-time situational information about the operators and tasks on the field. The security guards on the field were able, for example, to take pictures of anomalies e.g., broken items, see each other’s locations real-time and send location data about disturbances real-time, all in one system.


With this technology the operation, planning, and coordination of the teams scattered on the field got easier and that affects the event safety and security. In addition, it allowed the cooperation between the authorities and other operators.

(Author: Pinja Tawast, Insta Advance)


The City of Tampere has long been committed to building resilience to ensure cities are safe places for citizens. The MCR2030 initiative is one step towards those goals.

Daniel Au,
Daniel Au,

The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) is coordinating the Making Cities Resilient 2030 initiative (MCR2030). It is a unique cross-stakeholder initiative that supports cities to be more inclusive, safer, adaptable, and sustainable by 2030. Through delivering a clear roadmap to urban resilience, providing tools, access to knowledge and monitoring and reporting tools, it provides a systemic, joined-up approach to risk reduction.

The initiative was launched in 2020 and is built upon the success of the previous decade of advocacy work under the Making Cities Resilient (MCR) Campaign which was launched in 2010. As the first smart city strategy of Tampere draws to a close, a new programme called Data-Driven City for Citizens (DDCC), will step in. Where the previous smart city program focused on technology, the new program takes more human-centric approach and concentrates to improve everyday lives of citizens by using data and technology.

There is a digital transformation happening in all facets of people’s lives. Digital transformation – or the change associated with the application of digital technology in all aspects of human society – is also part of building the new smart city vision. Many businesses have already embraced this transformation. Now city leaders have also embraced this new trend, integrating smart processes into city operations. These smart technologies can deliver essential services to residents in a new and meaningful way.

Head of Data-Driven City for Citizens program Outi Valkama says: “Cities resilience should be strengthened with the help of digital transformation. We already have strong examples like the SURE on how to successfully incorporate urban mobility planning to boost resilience. Or enable secure mega events like the ice Hockey Championships while not compromising smooth experience.” 

Both the MCR2030 and Data-Driven City for Citizens program are just starting and citizens will be at the heart of all development. Inclusion naturally promotes trust.

More info:

Data-Driven City for Citizens program

(Author: Konstantina Karydi, UIA Expert
Picture: Daniel Au,

City of Tampere launched a new city-level development strategy called Data-Driven City for Citizens (DDCC) in early 2022. SURE was nominated as one of the flagships of the DDCC giving to the work done in the SURE project a push to continue the good work. There are five flagships in DDCC, which will become a part of the city’s permanent procedures. In DDCC SURE is concentrating specially to improve safety and security of pedestrians.

(Author: Minna Säpyskä-Aalto, The Baltic Institute of Finland)


In Finland, drones i.e., unmanned aircrafts are used actively in different operations. They are more and more important tools especially in the field of safety and security. Drone development has been done in Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) already for several years and in SURE TAMK develops drone usage as a part of a safety awareness system.

Event safety & security observed from the above
Toni Repo/Aamulehti

“With drone cameras and microphones, crowd movement can be observed in event areas. If there is a sound of a shooting or an explosion, the exact location of the sound source can be determined with sensors. Or if people go somewhere unauthorized place, the drone can notice it and will forward the information to the authorities. The surveillance system is supposed to be tested in summer events,” Antti Perttula, the principal lecturer and a drone specialist from TAMK, tells. In the summer the IBA (Insta Blue Aware) platform will be tested in practice as well.    

“We will put a drone to fly a certain route back and forth. The drone will film, and the AI compares the situations between the recordings, e.g., if the number of people has grown or if a car has showed up. The information will be forwarded to the IBA platform for authorities to see”, Perttula describes.

(Author: Antti Perttula, TAMK

Picture: Toni Repo/Aamulehti)

As a part of SURE project, two simulation exercises have taken place. The first one was done in summer 2021 and the second one was related to the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 in April in Tampere, Finland. The responsible private operators of the event’s security management, public safety and security authorities from different departments and the security representatives from the City of Tampere participated in a two-day simulation exercise. The exercise was executed in cooperation by the city of Tampere, Securitas, Insta, Nokia, Tampere University and Business Tampere.

The exercise focused especially on the communication between event organizers, on reactions, prediction and defining responsibilities between different actors. The aim was to connect different security operators with each other and to improve their joint situational awareness. During the simulation, it was also tested how technology developed in SURE could be utilized to support foresight and cooperation especially during big events.

In the feedback the participants highlighted the importance of cooperation of authorities and security operators and efficient adoption of the developed technologies.

Iina Sankala, Tampere University
Iina Sankala, Tampere University

(Author: Janica Virkkunen, Securitas
Picture: Iina Sankala, Tampere University)

The SURE team of Tampere University researched experiences and sensations of the hockey community on Nokia Arena with a broad visitor survey in the first ice hockey matched in the Arena on 3.-28. December 2021. However, a lot had happened before that. The research group had had conversations about event arrangements on different event areas with the authorities as well as with the security and event operators. The arena’s concrete base was only to be cast at the time of the first conversations. The changes in the immediate surroundings of the Arena were also went over with the residents and other operators of the Arena’s neighborhood.

tampere news

Based on almost 900 responses the arena matched with the visitors’ expectations, and the facilities for ice hockey events were perceived functional. Arrival to the venue was seen as smooth but the sold-out Arena’s corridors were found to become too crowded too easily.

Professional checks and functioning security were considered as important parts of event security and a good visitor experience. Instead, other match visitors’ usage of alcohol caused some worry. Understandably many atmosphere factors and new match traditions are still forming in the brand-new Arena. This is very important because, like many respondents expressed: “The live experience in the Arena shouldn’t be any less than a home couch experience”.

(Author: Iina Sankala, Tampere University)

A wayfinding and safety map covering Tampere city center and vicinity of Nokia Arena was created for the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament. The map was executed by Citynomadi and was embedded to the Home of Hockey website during the games.

The map assisted visitors to move around the city and showed visually for example exceptional traffic arrangements, fan zones, recommended and alternative walking routes to Nokia Arena, as well as the entrances of Nokia Arena.

Execution was paid attention especially to event security and accessibility. Many things happen in the area during the event and the clarity of the map was noted to be very important. Smart traveling and integrated real-time timetables of city busses and certain bus stops were embedded in the map.

(Author: Minna Säpyskä-Aalto, The Baltic Institute of Finland)

Tampere Smart City Week was held 14.-15 June 2022 at Nokia Arena in Tampere. Event gathered 2500 participants from 40 different countries and the conference was targeted to everyone who is interested in smart city development. SURE team was happy to host guests e.g. from UK, Italy, Greece and France.  SURE organized its own session on Tuesday 14 June and a panel discussion on Wednesday 15 June. In addition, SURE was present in the TSCW expo area together with BSFS and ToNite projects.

Tampere Smart City Week in June 2022

Smooth Security & Hard Technology: A Seamless Blend of Technology and Ambiance for Urban Events with the SURE Solution” was organized in cooperation with ETAIROS project. In the session SURE solution, its user experiences, and the in-practice utilization of technology instruments like IBA platform, were presented. Moreover, the session also covered the topics of AI usage in security risk prediction in shopping center surroundings, and the sense of safety and security and its factors in sport and festival events. The moderator of the session was Konstantina Karydi who works as a UIA Expert in SURE project.

The panel discussion on Wednesday handled several topics under the headline:” How Data-Driven Cities Can Foster Urban Resilience?”.

(Author: Lotta Honkanen)

SURE was very visible in Tampere Smart City Week Conference in June in Nokia Arena, Tampere, Finland. Also, Insta Blue Aware (IBA) and its functionalities in practice was showcased during the conference. With two practical examples, Ms Anniina Ala-Kitula captured the core functionalities of the IBA solution that Insta Advance has been developing in SURE.

news tampere july 2022

There will be more and more big events in Tampere and there will be a growing need for smart safety and security solutions. Vast event areas around the city can be integrated into the city infrastructure by utilizing sensors, analytics, AI and situational awareness solutions. Insta Blue Aware represents high-technology solution that enables cooperation between event management, safety and security officials and third sector organizations.   

In her presentation, Ms. Ala-Kitula explained how the data collected by sensors have been utilized, integrated, and shared in SURE.  Operative cooperation has increased due to shared information between different actors. Cumulative data resources combined with simulations and real-life practice have facilitated joint development work.   

(Author: Pinja Tawast, Insta Advance)

TAMPERE news July 2022

SURE VIP Day was organized 28 February in Finnish Lumi Pavillion. Almost year´s hard work was concretized during the day, and it was delightful to notice that the event attracted wide audience, either present onsite or online.  

The event brought together notable keynote speakers and high-level local participants, such as officials, business representatives and decision makers. SURE team was of course happy that the SURE concept itself gained high interest among the locals, as well as the business ecosystem of Tampere, Finland. On the other hand, the local offering and business opportunities with the safety and security ecosystem turned out to be very impressive, indeed. Cooperation and further discussions with UEA safety and security ecosystem members will continue and SURE team is actively working on these!

(Author: Minna Säpyskä-Aalto, The Baltic Institute of Finland

Hello! I am Lotta Honkanen, and I worked as a summer trainee in SURE project in June. These four weeks went by so fast that I don’t even know where to start.

I got a whole week to get to know all SURE staff members and how things work around in the city administration. Then it was time for Tampere Smart City Week! Those couple of days were very intensive and my job was e.g., to take care of the stand in the expo area and run around Nokia Arena when people or some other things needed to be assisted to their right places. My English skills were in use with our international guests and my knowledge of Finland was tested, too.

My working space was mostly in the Five-star city center unit where I got a chance to be in different meetings and participate in brainstorming. I felt very grateful for the kind welcoming, and it was interesting to get to know more about everyone´s projects. The four weeks were full of different responsibilities that it will take some time before I’m able to wrap my head around all of it. Of course, there were just normal office working days, too, when I mostly wrote emails and ordered coffee to meetings. But at least now I understand that security and safety aren’t only security guards in a concert or a police on the streets, and that the biggest fuss in the office happens when coffee has run out.

Thank you SURE Tampere!

(Author: Lotta Honkanen)

The project has been well presented in different medias during the spring. Here are a few of them (some are behind a paywall, unfortunately):

  • Surveillance cameras equipped with AI, cyber threats and plain-clothes police officers – The city and authorities are preparing themselves for the possible safety threats during the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament:
  • The AI supervises the behavior of the ice hockey audience during the Ice Hockey World Championship tournament – CCTV camera can alarm for example in case of a fight:

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(Author: Minna Säpyskä-Aalto, the Baltic Institute of Finland)