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Modifier 01 June 2022
by City of Växjö

Innovation is not only a new technical solution

Innovation is not only a new technical solution
A new technical solution is exciting, but let’s not forget the users.

In Växjö, new digital solutions are being developed based on the needs identified within the municipality. For three of the new inventions, real environment tests have been ongoing in Växjö.

  • “Smart bins” call for the waste trucks when full.
  • Remote controlled actuators on radiators optimize the heat supply.
  • Road sensors tell the road conditions and when anti-slip and snow-clearance is needed.

The technology is in place for all solutions. Sensors in combination with intelligent systems has been developed, so what remains?

The new technical solutions will change the behavior of the users. As an example, the waste truck drivers have so far driven on fixed routes and fixed schedules when emptying. The drivers know their routes and the work is routine. With the new technology, the behavior for the drivers will change. Instead, the degree of filling will determine the routes and schedules.

For the success of the project and the solutions, it is necessary for the users to adopt the new systems, i.e., the user’s willingness to learn them, use them, and improve them.

The solutions can only achieve their highest potential with the commitment of the employees.  They are crucial for the economic, environmental, and quality effects to happen. Therefor the Diaccess-project has focused time and resources lately on change management and communication efforts.

Because a new technical solution needs people as ambassadors, for the effects to come. Not least, this is important for scale-up, because when other cities/municipalities are going to adopt the new solutions, they want to hear the words from the end-user to be convinced.

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Project Leader, Andréa Swedenborg, from Växjö Municipality –

Author: Communication Officer, Erika Bernstone -

Photographer: Erika Bernstone