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Modifier 03 April 2022
by City of Ostrava

Public survey and study on public attitude to air quality and urban greenery

Public survey and study on public attitude to air quality and urban greenery
Is the topic of air quality important for the inhabitants of the Moravian-Silesian Region? How do people rate the air quality in their surroundings? Are the people of the region willing to change their behaviour (even lifestyle) in favour of better air quality?

Would they use ecological heating, travel more often by public transport or sustainably treat the waste omitting its incineration? How important is the greenery in their neighbourhood to the inhabitants? Would they welcome new solutions in the future such as vertical gardens, green facades, or green roofs, and if yes, would they be willing to participate financially or personally in urban greenery planting?

The answers to these and other questions were sought during two public surveys that took place in Moravia-Silesia (CZ) in 2019 and 2020. The methodology and the most important outputs of both surveys are summarized in the Study „Public attitude to air quality and urban greenery: Willingness of citizens to change behaviour in favour of improved air quality“ and commented on by recognized external experts in the surveyed areas. The study is divided into four parts: Air quality, Urban greenery, Willingness of citizens to change behaviour in favour of improving air quality, Recommendations to municipalities.

The aim of the study was to provide municipalities and cities, particularly in the Moravian-Silesian Region, with the feedback from residents to the topics which they themselves consider important. Moreover, the authors of the study aimed to provide municipalities with recommendations on what can be done in further steps in relation to the project topics as well as how to use the potential declared by the population to get involved in the air quality and climate adaptation policies.

The study, including expert comments and recommendations to municipalities may be downloaded at the project website under this link. For more information on the conclusions of the study visit article CLAIRO study on behavioral changes: Mass planting for clean air is more popular than other air quality related measures.

A scientific article summarizing the surveys and the Study was prepared by an independent sociology expert to inform wider scientific audience. The article is reviewed by scientists before publication. The link will be provided after the publication.