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A Place to Be-Come Seraing, Belgium
Modifier 18 March 2022
by City of Seraing

Empowering citizen’s projects through our first Creative Station

Empowering citizen’s projects through our first Creative Station
Last December, A Place to Be-Come launched a call for projects to occupy the first Creative Station « La Ruche ». This was an opportunity for project leaders to benefit from a free space for three and a half months to organise their activities. The « Ruche » is a place for exchanges, meetings and conviviality in the centre of Seraing. Five different citizens projects have been selected to occupy this space.

Women's words

This first project, proposed by the nonprofit organization Rêv'Elles, aims to give a voice to women through talking and meeting groups. Through life stories, the organization wishes to invite women who feel or are socially excluded in Seraing area to tell their stories, to express themselves about their life experience. These discussion groups will be organised in such a way as to provide a friendly and confidential space. The activities are open to all women aged 16 and over.

Discovering Seraing through a tourist and historical tour

This second project aims to create a tourist route that will take you through different districts of Seraing to discover points of interest. The project will be developed with the participation of the touristic city organization and neighbourhood committees of Seraing. In short, it will be an opportunity for citizens to rediscover Seraing in a different way, but also to bring in an outside audience!


Meetings between presidents of Neighbourhood Committees from Seraing or their representatives

This third project aims to bring together all Neighbourhood Committees of Seraing entities once a month with a view to future collaboration. The setting up of these regular meetings would make it possible, for example, to exchange information between neighbourhoods, to communicate on each other's activities, to share material for activities, to create a common address book (sponsors, suppliers, etc.) for Committees, etc. This will allow sharing of experiences and good practices between committees! After the occupation, the aim would be to maintain these meetings once a quarter.

The art of living with autism

This fourth project, proposed by « Pôle Créatif Liégeois », will take place under various meetings including artistic activities, board games and moments of sharing about reading. Activities will welcome people with an autism spectrum disorder, their relatives, as well as anyone who wants to approach the world of autism in a benevolent way. The objective will be to better understand the autistic person, but also to allow him or her to blossom, to express him or herself and to value his or her skills. This activity is open to adults and children accompanied by a parent.



The "HackaTransition" are bi-monthly meetings between project leaders active in the field of citizen transition. The objective of these meetings is to help participants develop their projects by creating the conditions of possibility through networking and collective intelligence. The « Pôle Créatif Liégeois » will be there to accompany project leaders, advise them, direct them to other support structures (financial aid or feasibility), help them draw up their administrative documents, etc. All of this, of course, free of charge!

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