Project news
Modifier 17 March 2022
by City of Szeged

Greenformers Parking – new mobile app helps parking in Szeged

The Greenformers Parking mobile app, developed by Griffsoft Plc., was launched live within the framework of the SASMob project.

The aim of the SASMob project is to contribute with innovative transport management solutions to the implementation of sustainable commuting.
At the same time, it is impossible to ignore the fact that the proportion of cars in Szeged is becoming more and more significant every year just as in the whole world. Considering this fact, the latest Greenformers mobile app is supporting people travelling by car.

The aim of Greenformers Parking is to facilitate the use of the Szeged parking system via mobile phone. With the help of the application, we can easily get information about the parking zones, the location of parking spaces for the disabled people, and the app is even suitable for purchasing parking tickets online.


On the map, the P icons indicate how saturated the area is and whether there is free parking space.

  • White – no information
  • Green: many free parking spaces
  • Yellow: moderately saturated parking area
  • Red: just a few free parking spaces available.

The app provides information about the parking conditions in Szeged with the help of the data transmitted by parking attendants. Currently, the database is updated constantly, but if for some reason no information is available from the last 30 minutes, the algorithm works with historical data.

However, the question may easily arise as how to reconcile this parking assistance with the objective of the SASMob project. The answer is simple: if only half of the motorists check where they want to park in the city and how to get there before they leave, there will be less pollutants in the air, traffic jams will be reduced and people will spend less time driving.