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Modifier 06 July 2021
by City of Tampere

News from SURE

News from Sure
We at the SURE project are waiting for all the upcoming summer events with great enthusiasm. Some of the biggest festivals in Finland e.g. Ruisrock and Provinssirock already announced early in the spring that they will not take place this summer. However, local big events like Tammerfest and Blockfest will be organized and that provides new possibilities for SURE, too.

The new SURE website is finally ready and you may visit the site HERE. The new website allows us to keep everyone updated about SURE-related events, results and published reports, and gain more visibility in different networks.

First joint safety simulation was a success! 

The first safety and security simulation was organized on June 10th, which had an impressive turnout - almost 50 professionals from the police, Finnish Red Cross, Pirkanmaa Rescue Department, emergency response centre, prehospital care and social work unit participated The simulation that engaged so many organisations and officials was the first of its kind, and it really paid off. The professionals had a genuine opportunity to discuss about and explain their processes in case of emergency and see how the processes go in line with other officials operating in the same emergency. Feedback was collected from the participants and it will be carefully analysed for the second simulation that will be in January 2022. 

Agile experiments are in full speed

The companies that were selected to do the agile experiments are Marshall AI, Top Data Science, Viria and Aeromon. 

The practical part starts during the summer by installing different sensors and measuring devices to different locations in the city centre.

Real-time guidance for Ratina Stadium Covid-19 vaccination unit

Ratina Stadium was turned into a Covid-19 vaccination unit in spring. To ensure smooth arrival of the visitors, Citynomadi has developed a real-time guidance for them.   From the map the visitors can find bus information, main parking halls, traffic guidance and places to park bikes and e-scooters. 

The map can be found here: and City of Tampere.

Sure tampere website

SURE publication: “Space, ambience and safety - guidelines for planning safe and secure urban space”

SURE work and findings by the Tampere University team in work package 4 (Co-creation, citizen engagement and service design for urban security) are now published as a SURE report.

The full report is in Finnish, but  the executive summary concluding the main learnings and findings can be found HERE in English.

Alisa Jashari and Sointu Karjalainen join in the SURE team

SURE project welcomes two new employees to the project: Alisa Jashari that will work on project indicators in particular Social Return on Security Investments and Sointu Karjalainen that will work on SURE marketing (go-to-market-planning) and communication.

With a growing team and exciting plans head, we wish everyone a lovely summer!