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Second Skin

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The School for Fashion of ROC Tilburg is also a partner of ForwArt. For the next 2.5 years, eight students from the School for Fashion will participate in the "Second Skin" project through an internship. In a design studio at Verdiplein in Tilburg Noord, the students and young people involved come together every week under the supervision of a ROC teacher and an employee of Fashion Clash, who develops and coordinates the Second Skin project. The students take the dreams of the young people as a starting point in designing and making sustainable, recycled clothing. This clothing, which is made for her, is shown by the young people themselves at an annual fashion festival.

Fashion and identity

Second Skin is a multidisciplinary participation project around fashion in which the shaping and expression of the identity and personal stories of young people from Tilburg Noord are central.

Fashion (in the broadest sense of the word) is used as a means of creating encounters and connections that can contribute to empowerment and personal development. In particular, there is a focus on exploration and expression of identity, well-being, made-to-measure tailoring, material processing, sustainability and various skills linked to fashion design.

We all wear clothes and thus have to do with fashion in one way or the other. Fashion is like a second skin; it protects and conveys who you are. Consciously or unconsciously, it also determines how people see each other and which first impression is obtained from this. What someone wears and how someone expresses themselves is closely related to the factors body, identity, well-being and environment. With Second Skin, the individual stories of young people about these factors are portrayed through interviews, conversations, photography, social media and other audio-visual forms, converted into textiles, clothing or other expressions of identity and presented in collaboration with various disciplines.

Second Skin connects fashion with residents of the city, educational institutions, social organizations, art and cultural institutions and the general public. Second Skin shows a diversity of identities, portraits and personal stories of young people from Tilburg North by means of fashion. Outcomes are translated into a collection of identities that together form a narrative of residents who all make the city in their own way and give the city character. The goal is to create a platform for exploring and expressing identities and contributing to the development and showcase of talent. In addition, the project functions as a conversation piece between various parties and residents in Tilburg Noord.

The project will be carried out in phases in collaboration with residents, especially young people, from Tilburg North and (cultural) partners in the period 2020 - 2023. The results of the creative process will be presented in the period via online channels and during various public activities. Second Skin is developed and coordinated by FASHIONCLASH and in collaboration with various partners and organizations in Tilburg such as ROC Tilburg, R-Newt, Corpo Máquina, Omroep Tilburg and other partners within ForwArt.

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