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Modifier 10 July 2020
by Vilawatt Project Team

The Vilawatt project is a finalist for the European RegioStars Awards!

Vilawatt awarded
Vilawatt awarded
The creation of a local public-private energy company in Viladecans, among the 25 best innovative initiatives on the continent.

The European Commission announced yesterday the 25 finalist projects to win the RegioStars Awards and Vilawatt, the local public-private energy company from Viladecans, is one of them. These awards annually select the best projects funded by the European Union, focusing this year on five areas that are fundamental to the future of EU regional policy: the industrial transition for a smart Europe, the circular economy for a green Europe, the skills and education for a digital Europe, citizen engagement for cohesive European cities and youth empowerment for cross-border cooperation: 30 years of Interreg. Each category will have a RegioStars award.

Vilawatt is part of the “Citizen commitment for cohesive European cities” category and it competes with A Jewel in a Poor Neighborhood (Ghent), Buergerbahnhof-Plagwitz (Leipzig), High Five! jugendrechte im quartier (Berlin) and SHICC- Sustainable Housing for Inclusive and Cohesive Cities (Brussels, Ghent, Lille and London). You will find more information at

The projects chosen, according to the European Commission, "demonstrate excellence and new approaches to regional development, with the aim of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe." A jury made up of academics from across Europe will now evaluate finalist projects and, in October, notify the winners. Additionally, citizens will select their own winner voting online a ‘Public Choice Award’ until September 15 through the same platform mentioned above.

The award ceremony is scheduled for October in Brussels.