Modifier 17 May 2016

1st Call for Proposals - Eligibility and Admissibility

Eligibility and Admissibility
If you have applied to our first Call for Proposals, you will find here information about the state of play of the selection procedure and the next milestones.

Considering the great number of applications received under the 1st Call for Proposals (378), the eligibility and admissibility check has taken longer than initially expected.

It is now expected that applicants whose proposal has been declared ineligible or inadmissible will receive a notification informing them of the reasons for this later this week.

Please be aware that no notification e-mail will be sent to project proposals fulfilling the eligibility criteria (no news - good news principle).

For eligible and admissible applications, these will move onto the next step of the selection process. Please visit our Call for Proposals page  for more information on the selection process. No list will be published.

The final decision on project applications will be taken and communicated to urban authorities in October 2016.

Please do not hesitate to contact the UIA Permanent Secretariat should you have any question.