Einstein's coffee of the world 35 - Tess Kamphorst
Short description
Is the Plan Einstein (U-RLP) project contributing to the creation of a new narrative on the reception of refugees?

UIA Expert Daniel de Torres has zoomed into the U-RLP project (better known in Utrecht as the Plan Einstein project). As he writes: “Perceptions and attitudes play an important role in addressing complex issues, such as migration and diversity management. In this Zoom-in, we focus specifically on local policies in the reception of asylum-seekers and refugees. How public attitudes are formed and what factors influence them is a very complex issue that exceeds the objectives of this report. However, it is relevant to point out some ideas to assess whether at local level -and especially from innovative projects such as the Plan Einstein (U-RLP) in Utrecht- it is possible to contribute to the creation of new narratives that have an impact on public attitudes.”