As part of its Capitalisation activities, the UIA Permanent Secretariat aims to identify the most promising experiences of Monitoring and Evaluation for urban innovative interventions among ongoing UIA projects. Apply by 15 November 2019!

UIA is therefore inviting submissions of tenders for a contract to provide the following services:

•    Identification of best practices for monitoring and evaluation within the framework of UIA projects of Call 1, 2 and 3;
•    Justification of why and in what way some UIA funded projects constitute good (innovative) practices in regard to monitoring and evaluation;
•    Break down and highlight of the necessary elements (intervention logic models, techniques for collection of data and monitoring, evaluation approaches and techniques, governance for monitoring and evaluation activities), that make up for a successful monitoring and evaluation approach;

This is a unique opportunity to access the findings and results of the innovation work that more than 50 European cities are currently conducting across several domains. 

The overarching objective of the call for tenders is to collect and analyse all necessary elements for contributing to the development of measurement and evidence based policies at EU level. 

Detailed technical specifications are included within the tender documents.

If you are interested in submitting a bid, please find the Open Call for Tenders at the following link.

Completed tender documents are due to be submitted by 15th November 2019 at noon (CET). Please note that the timing has been corrected (to noon instead of 5pm) and that this is the final deadline.

For any general queries, please contact