03 fév 2021
17 fév 2021
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Urban Development Network webinars: UIA, achievements and perspectives

UDN UIA webinars
With 86 projects supported, UIA has entered in a decisive phase in 2020, aiming at transferring, through the Knowledge Management Strategy, the wealth of knowledge and experiences projects are generating, whilst also laying down the basis to prepare the UIA Initiative for the next Programming period 2021-2027. In this context, the Urban Development Network (UDN) and UIA are joining forces to organize a series of webinars. Join us!

The Urban Innovative Actions Initiative (UIA) and the Urban Development Network of the European Commission(UDN) are joining forces to organize a series of three webinars. The events have been designed to share the current achievements of UIA (from supported projects but also in the framework of the UIA Knowledge Management Strategy), exploring the potential to mainstream the main lessons into the future Cohesion Policy, and draw perspectives for the renewal of UIA as part of the European Urban Initiative for the programming period 2021-2027.

Since 2015, UIA is the Urban Lab of Europe, an Initiative of the European Union that provides urban authorities throughout the European Union with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. With the preparation of Cohesion policy programmes 2021-27 entering a decisive phase and the adoption of the New Leipzig Charter by Member States, this webinar series is an ideal occasion to discuss what could be of future value for Cohesion policy stakeholders in the UIA experience to date. 

The series will be structure in 3 sessions:

UIA Achievements. What has been achieved so far? – 03 February 2021

This session aims at presenting the UIA state of play and discussing what the Initiative has to offer to urban practitioners and in particular Cohesion Policy stakeholders. More precisely, you will discover more about UIA projects and their inspiring experiences testing innovative solutions to complex urban challenges. During the first part of the webinar, you will have the opportunity to join one out of four panels of cities to discuss how UIA projects are contributing to reaching the four cohesion policy objectives for 2021-2027: Smarter, Greener, Connected and More Social Europe.

In the second part of the webinar, you will discover all the initiatives that UIA is developing, in the framework of the UIA Knowledge Management Strategy on Housing, Mobility and Monitoring and Evaluation, sharing with a wider audience of urban stakeholders the thematic and operational knowledge that ongoing projects are generating.

UIA & Cohesion Policy. Bridging UIA & Cohesion Policy; how to optimise UIA added value? – 10 February 2021

This webinar will discuss UIA knowledge and projects potential to benefit Cohesion policy programmes. More specifically, we will first explore how UIA projects implemented practically the integrated approach to sustainable urban development, bringing UIA projects to share their experience on operational challenges. During the second part, you will hear about concrete stories of UIA practices integration into operational programming, as we explore ways forward on how to improve the added value of UIA for programmes 2021-2027.

Future UIA. What comes next as a new model for innovative actions under the European Urban Initiative?  - 17 February 2021

While the design of the European Urban Initiative (EUI) is entering into a more decisive phase, the objective of this session is to look at UIA perspectives based on the UIA midterm assessment’s recommendations for the future. More precisely, we will look at enabling factors for cities to innovate, leaving no urban authority behind.

The webinars will offer several opportunities to participants to interact with the different speakers and contribute to the discussion regarding the future of UIA.

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