22 juin 2018

Registration now open: Grab your place at the UIA Jobs and skills capitalisation workshop

Jobs & Skills workshop
Register to the UIA Capitalisation workshop on the topic of Jobs and Skills in the local economy. The event will take place on 22 June 2018 in the Ateliers des Tanneurs, in Brussels, Belgium. The event will be the first capitalisation and dissemination activity of the Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

With the projects funded in the first Call for Proposals now almost half-way through, it is the right time to start sharing the initial achievements but also lessons and learning points with a wider audience.

The cities of Bilbao, Madrid, Milan and Rotterdam have started implementing their activities to bridge the increasing gap between the jobs generated by the leading sectors of the Next Economy and the skills available within their communities. They are testing new ways to create the right environments for innovative economic sectors (agri-food, Industry 4.0, social care, etc.) to thrive while making sure that the benefits are really shared within local communities in terms of social value.

The first 18 months have been incredibly intense. A variety of local Stakeholders have been working with urban authorities to experiment their ideas but also to overcome different challenges.
Keen to discuss about their experiences and challenges, the cities and their experts have started working together to explore links and common aspects.  They have identified the following key questions:
• In the context of the Next Economy, how are cities developing place-based approaches to jobs and skills?
• How are City authorities evolving their roles as brokers in the approach to jobs and skills development?
• What can we tell about City approaches to talent management in these four projects?
• How important is industry clustering in these projects’ approaches to supporting the jobs and skills agenda?

The questions will be introduced by an initial introductory paper jointly written by the four UIA Experts, to be published on the UIA website in May.
Representatives of the cities, UIA Experts and representatives of EU Institutions will answer these questions during the workshop bringing their direct experience of implementing a UIA project. They wish to inspire and provide participants with concrete learning points but also to be inspired by the contributions of the audience.
The event is targeted particularly at members of the Urban Development Network and the Urban Agenda Partnerships, urban policy makers and City practitioners willing to learn from cutting-edge approaches and participate in informed discussions on the above questions.

If you would like further information, please write to info@uia-initiative.eu

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