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Join us at the #EURegionsWeek as we explore UIA knowledge activities first findings!

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This year the 18th European Week for Regions and Cities goes online from 5 to 22 October 2020. Follow-up on UIA knowledge activities and register to the 3 sessions organised by UIA Initiative.

In the framework of the Knowledge Management Strategy, two thematic knowledge activities on housing – Cities engaging in the right to housing - and mobility – Innovation for urban mobility, the way forward have been running throughout 2020. During this key EU Regional and Urban policy event, the Initiative will give the floor to UIA cities to present their first findings on three thematic: urban mobility, housing and food.  Join us as we dive into UIA cities reflection and experience on innovation and mobility; discuss about housing municipal schemes in times of COVID with EU-level organisations engaged in the right to housing; and discover UIA cities bold food solutions to tackle complex urban challenges.

Discover urban findings and main lessons captured from UIA project and register now to the following online sessions. 


Participatory lab co-organised by Urban Innovative Actions initiative and URBACT, 14 October, 09.30-11.00, through ZOOM (Code: 14PL1273V)
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Athens, vacant building

 ©Levente Polyak UIA Expert Athens

In the last months, governments across Europe invested unprecedented efforts to keep safe those at risk with cities implementing exceptional strategies and measures to keep everyone housed. In some cases, this nearly reduced homelessness to zero. However, in the aftermath of the emergency peak of last spring, long-term affordable, adequate and dignified solutions become a mandate that cannot be blinded.

In 2020, UIA and URBACT are exploring how cities can design housing policies and practical solutions to implement the right to housing. The goal of this session is to exchange about the cities engagement, their experiences in practice while pushing the agenda on the right to housing in Europe and to enrich the EU Urban Agenda work further. EU-level organisations engaged in the #right2housing will have a space to share their inputs on affordable housing and their (current) situation.

Moderator: Laura Colini, UIA-URBACT expert, Tesserae Urban Social Research, Germany.


Federica De Pace, Junior Economist, OECD, France.
Silvia Ganzerla, Policy Director, Eurocities, Belgium.
Michaela Kauer, Coordinator of the EU Urban Agenda Housing Partnership, City of Vienna, Austria.
Bent Madsen, President of Housing Europe, Housing Europe, Belgium.
Barbara Steenbergen, Head of EU Office, International Union of Tenants, Belgium.


Workshop, 15 October, 9.30-11.00, through ZOOM (Code: 15WS1341V)

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Lille Ateliers Sensoriels

 ©TAST'inFives Lille

The emergence of food innovative dynamics confirms the key role of cities in the development of sustainable food systems. UIA cities demonstrate that local production and consumption of food is a growing priority in the local political agenda. From agri-food to local food sufficiency via food circular approaches, Lille, Milan, Maribor, Heraklion, Ljubljana and Pozzuoli are experimenting with bold solutions while addressing complex urban challenges such as poverty, public health, waste production and economic development. The session will explore future skills and approaches, operational challenges faced cities and new relationships between production, consumption and sustainability of the urban agri-food system.

Moderator: Marcelline Bonneau, UIA Expert

Roberto Gerundo, City Assessor in charge of Urban Planning, Municipality of Pozzuoli, Italy.
Brina Lazar, Senior Advisor - Project Manager URBAN SOIL 4 FOOD, Municipality of Maribor, Slovenia.

Christina Marouli, UIA Expert A2Food, A2Food project, Greece.
Rossana Torri, Project Manager OpenAgri, Municipality of Milan, Italy.

Gaëlle Werkling, Baluchon Incubator Director, Partner of the Municipality of Lille, France.


Pitch, 14 October, 16.00-17.00, through ZOOM (Code: 14Pitch1559V)

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 © Lahti CitiCAP

©CitiCAP in Lahti

Throughout 2020, UIA and its Urban Mobility cities (Albertslund, Lathi, Ghent, Toulouse, Szeged) are embarking into a tour of capturing how innovation is transforming them, and what other European cities will have to gain when they join the ride. Learn about the first lessons on how and what kind of innovation is necessary today for achieving a smarter, greener and more integrated urban transport of people and goods.

Moderator: Iraklis Stamos, Project Officer, Urban Innovative Actions Initiative.

Find inspiration and innovative solutions for your city!

Registrations close on 7 October 2020.

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