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Innovation for Urban Mobility – the way forward

Innovation for Urban Mobility – the way forward
First lessons from Urban Innovative Actions projects

Throughout 2020, UIA and its Urban Mobility cities (Albertslund, Lathi, Ghent, Toulouse, Szeged) will embark into a tour of capturing how innovation is transforming them, and what other European cities will have to gain when they join the ride.

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Starting in April 2020, when we will be officially kicking off the adventure, we shall identify and highlight the cross-cutting themes of urban mobility innovation in the 2020s:
•    Data and digitalization
•    Behavioral change
•    Collaboration between public and private actors

We intend to answer the persistent questions of today on whether the sole deployment of unprecedented technological advances is able to address issues and challenges concentrated in cities due to the increasing urbanization.

Do policy and decision makers, and urban practitioners on need to rethink on how they perceive and conceptualize innovation for urban mobility? Should this be re-framed, yet out of the box this time? 

UIA and its cities seek to answer how and what kind of innovation is necessary today for achieving a smarter, greener and more integrated urban transport of people and goods. It aims to do so by bringing in the forefront five projects currently funded by the initiative, in an effort to shed light into how innovation on differing levels and sectors can cope with addressing trending mobility challenges. 

In April 2020, we will dive into the issue of data as the next fuel; from ownership to accessibility and from management to utilization. Along these lines, we will study upcoming associated legal and social concerns. 
The mobility tour will make its next stop in Lahti (9-11 September) before culminating its efforts in Brussels, in late 2020.
Stay tuned!

If you have any questions, you can contact:
Iraklis Stamos,
Amélie Cousin,  
And explore the UIA knowledge Lab and the Urban Mobility page to find out more about the topic and UIA projects.



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