The glossary was last updated on 10/05/2016
Call for Proposals

Mechanism whereby an application and selection process is launched to choose projects on a competitive basis.


Process meant to capture and share with an external audience the knowledge and the lessons learnt generated by the project


Local administrative unit (LAU) where the majority of the population lives in an urban centre of at least 50 000 inhabitants. Definition provided by Eurostat.

Confirmation sheet

Document automatically generated by the online platform EEP (Electronic Exchange Platform) when the Application Form is completed. It has to be printed, signed by a legal representative of the Urban Authority, scanned and uploaded in the EEP. It is a compulsory document and part of the application pack.


Counterpart to the ERDF co-financing secured by the partners (paid by the partners from their own resources or paid to the partners from external sources). Depending on the source of contribution (partner’s own resources, external sources) and their legal status, the contribution can be public and/or private. The contribution can be also considered in-kind or cash.

Contribution in-kind

Contributions in the form of provision of goods, services, land and real estate for which no cash payment supported by invoices or documents of equivalent probative value has been made.


Any measure taken to provide reasonable assurance regarding the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of operations, the reliability of reporting, the safeguarding of assets and information, the prevention, detection and correction of fraud and irregularities and their follow-up, and the adequate management of the risks relating to the legality and regularity of the underlying transactions, taking into account the multiannual character of the UIA Initiative as well as the nature of the payments concerned. Controls may involve various checks.

Costs incurred

Costs accumulated in relation to  implementation of the project that are recorded as liabilities on a balance sheet of the partner organisation until they are discharged or paid. Incurred costs may include both direct and indirect costs.