The glossary was last updated on 10/05/2016
Selection Criteria

Set of criteria against for which Application Forms are assessed in the framework of UIA including Eligibility, Admissibility, Strategic and Operational.

Simplified cost options

Contrary to real costs, simplified cost options modify the concept of expenditure paid by project partners. They involve approximations of costs, and are calculated according to a pre-defined method (e.g., established by the programme on the basis of a fair, equitable and verifiable calculation, or defined by the Fund specific regulations) based on outputs, results, or some other costs.


Person, group or organisation that can affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by the project.

State Aid

Action by a (national, regional or local) public authority, using public resources, to favour certain undertakings or the production of certain goods. An undertaking that benefits from such aid thus enjoys an advantage over its competitors. Control of state aids reflect the need to maintain free and fair competition within the European Union.

Subsidy Contract (SC)

Grant agreement between the contracting authority (Entrusted Entity and the Urban Authority (or the Main Urban Authority in case of association or grouping of Urban Authorities without a legal status of organised agglomeration).

Strategic assessment

Carried out by a panel of external experts against the selection criteria, it is meant to assess the innovativeness of the proposal, the measurability of the outputs and results, the quality and relevance of the partnership proposed and the transferability of the project to other urban authorities in Europe.