Edit 28 February 2017

Webinar on project management and communication strategy now online

On 23 February, the UIA hosted the fourth and final of a series of webinars to support applicants in the second Call for Proposals focusing on the management and communication of UIA projects. The webinar seeks to help those applicants putting together their proposal – specifically for those two work packages that are common to all projects: management and communication.

Planning your project management will get your project completed on time, on budget and achieving expected results of good quality. In the Work Package 2 of the Application Form, there must be a description of how the management on the strategic and operational level will be carried out in the project. Include innovative management structures to not only work with your project partners and stakeholders but also with the ‘unusual suspects’ (e.g. target groups, citizen initiatives …). The project should identify clear, transparent and efficient management procedures (such as adequate management, monitoring, reporting to the PS, risk and quality management, evaluation and capitalisation procedures). Additionally, there must be evidence of coordination mechanisms to ensure the effective involvement of the wider group of stakeholders in the implementation of the project.

The part on the communication work package provided useful tips on how to design a communication strategy and plan the related communication activities. Communication at local level is a strategic tool for the project’s implementation and success, and as such, the communication strategy should clearly demonstrate an interrelation with the project’s objectives. Communication activities are designed and implemented to reach and engage the right stakeholders, and several examples from first Call approved projects were brought up to inspire the attendants of the webinar.

Applicants were informed on the expectations around the creation of knowledge from the projects once they start their implementation. The role of the UIA Experts who will work with funded projects providing them with advice and guidance, gathering knowledge and sharing it across Europe was explained.

Urban Innovative actions provides urban areas throughout Europe with resources to test new and unproven solutions to address urban challenges. Because of the complexity of UIA projects, there must be solid management structures to deliver these innovative actions as well as an effective communication strategy. Therefore the quality and relevance of these two elements is looked at during the Operational Assessment carried out by the UIA permanent secretariat.

The presentation is also included in this page. If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here:


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