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Edit 18 September 2019

From URBACT to UIA: the trajectory and approach of the city of Ravenna

Ravenna docks
After the testimonies of Bologna, Rotterdam and Turin, you can now read the story from the city of Ravenna, which built upon its experiences in URBACT to design an innovative UIA project

Ravenna is currently redeveloping its City Docks thanks to URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions. The article explains how the involvement in the URBACT Programme and their work on applying an integrated approach to a regeneration process and in involving the stakeholders through the CREATIVE SPIRITS network has helped the city of Ravenna to design a successful innovative UIA project addressing the digital transition of the area – the DARE project.
It is now time to learn more about the trajectory and approach used by the city of Ravenna. You can read the article here.


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