Edit 13 April 2021

Next call for proposals?

Future steps
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As a result of five calls for proposals organised since 2015, the UIA today represents a set of 86 projects from 19 Member states and the UK, and an European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) investment of more than EUR 370 million. With the last call for proposals completed in 2020, the focus of UIA naturally shifts towards urban knowledge generation (through project implementation) and its transfer.

Therefore, we would like to inform all our beneficiaries that no future calls are envisaged under the UIA.

The European Commission’s proposal for the post-2020 ERDF/CF Regulation provides for a new instrument – the European Urban Initiative (EUI).

For more information on EUI, you can:

In the meantime, please also explore the constantly growing wealth of UIA’s thematic and operational knowledge here.


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