Edit 22 February 2017

New webinar: a look at the project intervention logic

On 16 February, the UIA hosted the third of a series of webinars to support applicants focusing on the project intervention logic, work plan and budget.

Because of the high competition, a great project idea does not guarantee the selection of the project proposal by the Selection Committee. The project idea must not only be properly defined but also logically articulated in the work plan and precisely budgeted. 

The intervention logic is the way the project is designed to constitute an overall “results framework” and constitutes the basis to assess the effectiveness of the project action plan towards the achievement of the expected results. To ensure a good intervention logic, its elements (project objectives, results, outputs, work packages, activities and deliverables) need to be logically interrelated and integrated.

The Work Plan (Section D of the application form) reflects the intervention logic and describes HOW the project will be implemented concretely. It is structured around Work Packages (WPs). Each WP is composed of defined activities, related deliverables, and expected outputs. During the webinar, differences were made between horizontal WPs (preparation, management, communication and closure) and implementation WPs (investments included).

Regarding the budget, planning steps and explanations on the eligibility of project expenses were provided. Information on how to fill in your application form for the budget related sections.

Additionally items such as State Aid, In-kind contribution, public procurement and revenues were also presented.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here:


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