Edit 22 August 2022
by UIA Permanent Secretariat

New European Bauhaus: 20 small and medium municipalities to receive support for frontrunner projects

The Commission announces the 20 winners of the first call of the New European Bauhaus dedicated to place-based transformative projects led by small and medium-sized municipalities.



The projects are embodying the values of the New European Bauhaus – sustainability, aesthetics, and inclusion – in one of four action areas: renovation of buildings and public spaces; preservation and transformation of cultural heritage; adaptation and transformation of buildings for affordable housing solutions; or regeneration of urban or rural spaces.

Winners coming from 15 Member States: Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden,  will receive rich expertise needed to turn their NEB projects ideas into reality, by a group of interdisciplinary experts. The knowledge and lessons learnt during this process will feed into a ‘toolbox’ aimed at other municipalities as well as the wider public interested in developing new or replicating existing NEB projects.

87 proposals from 18 different Member States had been submitted to this “Support to New European Bauhaus Local Initiatives” call. The Commission selected the 20 winners among the highest ranked proposals, seeking for a fair distribution of territories in terms of geographic balance, size of the municipality and socio-economic characteristics.

NEB projects range from sustainable inclusion of vulnerable communities to regeneration of industrial sites, from fostering vibrant local communities to matching digitalisation and the creative sectors in centres of art and culture, from cross-border activities to focusing on islands and neighbourhoods, with hosting municipalities’ populations as small as 700 to above 85,000 people.


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