Edit 06 March 2018

Last steps before submitting your application? See how we can help!

The 3rd Call deadline is quickly approaching. Do you still have questions and need some tips and advice to finalise your application? Take a look at the different support actions offered by the he Permanent Secretariat to help you in the application! You will find a self-assessment tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your project as well as some useful videos on the different work packages and selection criteria.

As for the previous Calls for Proposals, four applicant seminars were organised in different parts of the EU to enable a large number of organisations to attend. Individual consultations were also organised on site to enable interested applicants to receive feedback from Permanent Secretariat officers. You can find the presentations used for each of the seminars on the following pages:

For this 3rd Call, the Permanent Secretariat has also developed a new self-assessment tool (available on the Call 3 page) which can help interested applicants to ask themselves the right questions around the main criteria used during the strategic assessment. Do not hesitate to use this tool to identify the main strengths and weaknesses of your current project concept.

The Permanent Secretariat organised four webinars. Building on last Call’s experience, the approach was slightly different this year with the publication of pre-recorded webinars (in January), followed by four online live collective Q&A sessions (in February/March). These four webinars provide complementary information to those presented during applicants seminars and focus on concrete examples covering the main strategic and operational aspects of a UIA application. You can find these webinars on our Youtube channel or follow the below links directly:

Finally, the Permanent Secretariat will host six sessions of online individual consultation sessions at the beginning of March. These sessions enabled project promoters having already an advanced project concept to receive specific and technical advice from UIA officers few weeks before the Call deadline. These sessions are now fully booked.

We hope this programme of support actions has enabled applicants and interesting organisations to receive all the information they need to prepare their proposals. As the one-stop-shop of the UIA initiative, the Permanent Secretariat remains fully available for questions – feel free to contact us at


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