Edit 14 March 2017

Great interest for the first ever UIA webinars!

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Over the course of February, the UIA Permanent Secretariat held a series of four webinars aimed at supporting potential applicants in their UIA project development. Find out more about the participation and watch the recordings in case you missed them!

Strong and continued interest for the UIA initiative and all webinars

An average of 113 participants attended each webinar. Most participants (126) attended the webinar on creating a UIA partnership and learnt more on how to ensure urban authorities are eligible or the role and responsibilities of delivery partners and the wider group of stakeholders. 115 interested applicants attended the very first webinar and learnt more about the initiative’s expectations on innovation and tips on how to carry out their benchmark.

A total number of 249 interested persons followed one or more of the four webinars (leading to a total combined number of 445 participants over the four weeks). Almost half of the participants attended at least two webinars and about 10% did followed them all.

A large variety of partners involved …

Participants reflected the broad spectrum of partners involved in integrated urban development projects. Although urban authorities represent the largest share of the webinars’ audience, private sector representatives (large companies and SMEs active on the mobility and circular economy market notably, but also consultancies) showed great interest. Smaller associations and NGOs as well as universities were also numerous to participate.

… representing a broad geographical coverage of the European Union

Applicants from 21 out of the 28 EU Member States attended at least one of the webinars. In line with previous participation trends, Mediterranean applicants (from Italy, Spain or Greece) showed great interest in the initiative. It is worth noticing that numerous participants representing cities from Eastern European countries (less involved in the 1st Call for Proposals) also participated.

Did you miss the webinars?

Here is your chance to watch the recording as well as download the presentation supports of the four webinars through the following links:

Webinar n°1 (2 February 2017) - Introduction to UIA Initiative and UIA expectations

Webinar n°2 (9 February 2017) - Creating a UIA partnership

Webinar n°3 (16 February 2017) - Building your intervention logic and drafting your budget

Webinar n°4 (23 February 2017) - Planning your project management and communication strategy

Give us your feedback!

Given the success of the webinars, the Permanent Secretariat would like to repeat them in future Calls for Proposals. We would therefore like to hear from you whether you found them useful and if you have any suggestions/ideas for improvements in the future – so please send us your feedback and suggestions by e-mail at indicating "Feedback on UIA webinar" as the subject of your e-mail.


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