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Edit 20 July 2018

Energy transition in action!

Energy Transition
On the 5th of June, the three UIA Energy transition projects met in Brussels as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week to further discuss and exchange on their innovative solutions. Read more about this day of exchanges!

As part of the European Sustainable Energy Week 2018, the Urban Innovative Actions organised a day of exchanges between the three Urban Innovative Actions approved under the Energy transition topic.

The exchanges were articulated around two main moments:

1. A technical meeting between the three projects and their respective UIA Experts to get to know each other and discuss the main challenges of implementation so far;

2. A joint public workshop with the EU Urban Agenda partnership for Energy transition to showcase the three projects and disseminate their first results to a larger audience of energy actors across Europe. All workshop materials can be found on this page. 

This day is part of a broader exercise that the UIA initiative is initiating to showcase and disseminate the first results stemming from the implementation of the first projects approved in 2016. Halfway through their implementation, the three municipalities leading UIA Energy transition projects (Gothenburg, Paris and Viladecans) are now in full speed of the delivery of their bold solutions, confronted to challenges related to their innovative character but also with already rich lessons to draw and learn from.

The attached report aims at capturing the main identified knowledge transfer opportunities between the projects. We hope this document can also be an inspiration for other cities while driving their local energy transition.


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