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GBG_AS2C - Blue, Green & Grey_Adapting Schools to Climate Change Barcelona, Spain Climate adaptation

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The team behind Oasis project in Paris visits Barcelona

OASIS project visits GBG_AS2C in Barcelona
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Like GBG_AS2C, Paris also has its own climate refuge project in schools. There, they are known as ‘climate oases’, but their purpose is the same: turning 10 schools in the French capital into spaces adapted to the high temperatures that will affect the city due to climate change. The Paris project has also been selected by the UIA and is directly linked with its Barcelona-based counterpart. Therefore, various members of the OASIS project in Paris visited GBG_AS2C in Barcelona on 24 and 25 October: they wanted to see first-hand how climate refuges were being developed in schools and establish various partnership links between the cities so that techniques and improvements could be shared.

This visit saw meetings between representatives from both cities’ educational authorities, technical architecture and renovation managers, and the technical coordinators of both projects. Among the main issues tackled, the benchmarking system used for the solutions to be implemented in buildings was discussed and the Barcelona-based Open Playgrounds programme was presented.

Over the course of these two days, representatives from Paris visited the Vil·la Olímpica and Poblenou Schools, as well as other significant projects like the Superblocks or the Dovella School’s inclusive playground initiative. They then took the floor to explain that the innovative nature of their proposal lies in the search for eco-innovative products in terms of materials (infiltration, thermal performance and low carbon capacity), rainwater recovery systems, and solutions based on nature and adapted to risks (evapotranspiration, resistance to drought, etc.) or to fixtures (shade, play areas, booths, etc.). 
Over the course of this project’s two-year lifetime, the two cities will come together to share the progress each of them has made and to find commonalities that can be reused and replicated, not just in Barcelona and Paris, but in all other European cities.


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