The Conseil Regional Hauts-de-France, has issued a Call for Applications for the selection of UIA Experts for the projects approved in the framework of the second UIA Call for Proposals (call opened from 14 May till 23 May 2018). The Call for Applications is reopened to select an UIA Expert for the Urban Infra Revolution project. This call remained open until 23 May 2018 and is now closed.

All projects except one received a satisfactory number of application from relevant candidates. The project that did not receive enough applications is Urban Infra Revolution (led by the municipality of Lappeenranta) under the topic Circular Economy.
Therefore the Conseil Regional Hauts de France is issuing the following additional Call for Applications to select an UIA Expert only for the above mentioned project. The overall context, the tasks required to UIA Experts as well as the criteria and procedures for selection remain the same and are described in the present document.
Interested candidates are strongly advised to check the website of the Urban Infra Revolution project understand the specific challenges to be addressed and the innovative solutions proposed.

UIA Experts will be contracted for a total of 50 days of expertise covering the implementation phase of UIA projects (three years for implementation) plus one final year for knowledge transfer.
We are looking for motivated professionals with a good overview of sustainable urban development in the EU.  They should have experience in supporting urban authorities in implementing bold and innovative solutions as well as skills in capturing and sharing knowledge. Becoming a UIA expert will give applicants the possibility to join a select group that will support these bold and pioneering projects and will actively contribute in drawing lessons to be made available to a wider audience of policy makers and practitioners in Europe and beyond. Applicants can apply only to Urban Infra Revolution (Lappeenranta) project.

The UIA Permanent Secretariat will not accept applications for the other projects selected under the second Call for Proposals.

Applicants are invited to download and read the Terms of Reference for the Call for Applications and the Application Form attached to this article. The description of the Urban Infra Revolution project can also be found in Annex I of the Terms of Reference document.
The daily fee for UIA Experts is 750 Euros, VAT included, with travel and accommodation costs paid in addition.
For information concerning the Call for Applications please contact Susana Forjan (Project officer):