The deadline to apply to the Call for Applications for the second Panel of External Experts has been extended until 3 March 2017.

The Conseil Regional Hauts-de-France (Entrusted Entity for the implementation of the UIA Initiative), issued in December 2016 a Call for Applications for the constitution of a Panel of External Experts for the Strategic Assessment of project proposals submitted in the framework of the second UIA Call for Proposals. The UIA Permanent Secretariat has decided to extend its Call for Applicants for the constitution of the Panel of External Experts. The deadline has been extended in order to allow more time for candidates to apply for this important role in the UIA Initiative.

The present Call for Applications is open for the recruitment of a panel of external experts. The panel will be composed of around three Topic Coordinators (one for each topic) and 15 assessors (5 for each topic, depending on the number of project proposals received for each topic) on the three main topics identified for the second Call for Proposals:

  • Circular economy
  • Integration of migrants and refugees
  • Urban mobility

The Strategic Assessment is a key step of the selection process of the UIA projects. It accounts for 80% of the weighting given to the overall project assessment and consists the following criteria:

  • Innovativeness (40% of weighting) – To what extent is the applicant able to demonstrate that the project proposal is new and that has a clear potential to add value
  • Partnership (15% of weighting) – To what extent is the involvement of key stakeholders relevant for the implementation of the project
  • Measurability (15% of weighting) – To what extent will the project deliver measurable results
  • Transferability  (10% of weighting) - To what extent will the project be transferable to other urban areas across Europe

UIA is looking for experts with in depth knowledge of the topic (and sub-topics) addressed by the 2nd Call for Proposals (listed above) as well as proven track record of assessment of urban innovative projects.

Interested candidates are invited to read carefully the Terms of Reference of the Call for Applicants as well as the Terms of Reference of the 2nd Call for Proposals and the updated version of the UIA Guidance.

Candidates shall submit within the deadline the Application Form filled in (template available in this page) as well as a detailed CV at .

The deadline for the submission of the requested documents has been extended and is now 03 March 2017.

All applications received will be assessed by an external consultancy that will provide the Permanent Secretariat with an initial shortlist.

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed (via teleconference) in the last week of March.

The Strategic Assessment will be performed by selected experts of the Panel between May and June 2017. The total allocation of days for selected experts will be around 20 working days.

For additional questions, please contact Raffaele Barbato, Project Coordinator (