11 Mar 2021
Events by UIA Permanent Secretariat

Rethinking monitoring and evaluation practices: UIA lessons learnt

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In 2020, UIA, together with Ecorys, explored the different approaches of on-going UIA projects to capture the impact of the innovative interventions. It’s now time to share the findings and the knowledge gained to all EU urban practitioners.

Monitoring & Evaluation platform is online 

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In 2020, UIA, together with Ecorys, explored the different approaches of on-going UIA projects to capture the change that their innovative interventions are bringing at local level.
To monitor, measure and assess this change, cities need to follow structured evaluation approaches. The 55 UIA projects that have been reviewed to this end revealed that successful projects share a number of solutions, principles and approaches.

Looking for innovative techniques to monitor and evaluate your project? Seeking to get inspired with flexible monitoring and evaluation approaches? Need to rethink your own approach to monitoring and evaluation?

The final event that will be held on 11 March 10.00-12.00 CET to hear about the best practices of UIA projects implementing Monitoring and Evaluation and to find out about the lessons learnt. And don’t miss the sneak preview of the UIA online report about Monitoring and Evaluation!

Agenda - 11 March 2021 10.00-12.00 CET

10h00 – 10h05

Introduction to the webinar 

Raffaele Barbato – UIA Secretariat

10h05 – 10h10

Setting the scene. The UIA Knowledge management strategy

Iraklis Stamos – UIA Secretariat

10h10 – 10h20

The journey of the UIA study on Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Marie-José Zondag – Ecorys

10h20 – 11h05

What constitutes a successful monitoring and evaluation - launching the UIA Monitoring & Evaluation platform

  • Marie-José Zondag – Ecorys
  • Jagoda Gregulska – Ecorys
  • Adela Pintea – Ecorys 

11h05 – 11h50

Perspectives and experiences in Monitoring and Evaluation - panel discussion

  • Sjoerdje Van Heerden – Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Adele Bucella – URBACT Secretariat
  • Stefano Marta - OECD

11h50 – 12h00

Closing remarks

  • François Gallaga - DG Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission
  • Tim Caulfield – UIA Secretariat


Registrations are closed. Contact knowledge_communication@uia-initiative.eu if any queries