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At the end of February 2018 a key step of CoRDEES has just started: the deployment of sensors (i.e instrumentation) in buildings. In fact, the instrumentation of each building is necessary to gather data in order to build and supply the energy platform of the district.
In January 2018, Paris Batignolles Aménagement (PBA), a partner of the project, selected two companies, APILOG Automation and DERICHBOURG Energie to equip with sensors the 1.511 housing units of 8 residential real estate programs of the Clichy-Batignolles eco-district.
The design office Ecome assists PBA in the process of this instrumentation. It ensures the optimal integration of sensors without structural modification to buildings. Ecome also monitors the instrumentation work and checks the correct functioning of the energy information system that will be deployed.
In late March 2018 the first batch of housing was delivered by the group of promoters Demathieu Bard and OGIC: 64 apartments for homeownership and 54 apartments at intermediate rents. During the completion of building work, a team of 8 people from APILOG Automation installed smart meters in these 118 apartments.
instrumentation lot O6b EN_.png
For each of these 118 apartments, the electricity (1) and heat (2) consumption by uses (regulatory and specific uses) are remotely read from the measuring units (3) installed by Demathieu Bard and OGIC. It didn’t require deploying additional sensors. APILOG also configured the measuring units to connect to the Linky (4) meters and the heating meters.
A switch (5) on the floor of each apartment reroutes all this data (electricity, heat, Linky) to a collection server (6) where it is centralized. The switch allows the 118 units to be connected.
Ninety additional radio transmitters will be reading the domestic hot water meters in one of the two buildings. For the second building the data will be available by remote metering.
Sixteen electricity meters (lighting, ventilation, photovoltaics, etc.) in the common areas are also remotely read by wire-line thanks to an automaton, itself linked to the collection server (6) at the foot of the building. This server is installed in a secure environment (locked local + locked gate + locked bay).
In total, about 500 measuring points are monitored for this first housing program. Special attention has been paid to protecting the hardware and software integrity of installed systems. In order to prevent any intrusion, all the data collection devices are secured by shielded cabinets and the communication protocols are encrypted.
The data is being aggregated at the scale of the building. That decision was taken following a joint analysis on the granularity and temporality of the data with the National Computer and Freedom Commission (CNIL). It will be impossible to know the individual consumption per apartment to ensure the protection of personal data. The occupants of the dwellings may, if they wish and if they give their authorization, follow their energy consumption for free. This free service will start in September 2018; it will reduce the energy bill at the individual level while contributing to the success of environmental objectives at the neighborhood level.