SASMOB project testing V-bike
Short description
The SASMob project brings together expert partners to transform Szeged into a smart city through its mobility actions, and members of the project team participated in a workshop of the Smart City Forum.

The idea of sustainable mobility is connected to the Smart City ideas through the UIA SASMob (Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility) project. This project would like to realise a development based on innovative IT, where mobility becomes more efficient with the help of the real time data service.

The Smart City projects are multiplying all over Europe especially in those towns where the local economy and culture has strong connections with the local science and technology centres. The Smart City plan can reach better quality of life and sustainable economy with the intelligent organisation of the life of the local community by improving public service, public transport, healthcare, education, commerce and the support of local civil communities.

Szeged is not a smart city yet but one of the best university towns in Hungary where one of our project partners the University of Szeged is home for 27,000 students (with 5,000 international students) and nearly 10,000 employees. The University is integrated in the structure of the town so university and city life are intertwined. The large number of students in the town help to introduce the innovative solutions to the public so the integrated SASMob solutions further strengthens the connections between the town and the University.


The members of the SASMob project – Mrs. Timea Nagy Pajkó and Mr. Szilard Nagy – participated in a workshop of the Smart City Forum organised by IDC where the topic for the meeting was smart mobility. The supervisor of the workshop presented his thoughts about developments with specific examples even from beyond Europe.

Our experts were asked for their opinion on several topics so they inform about the SASMob project, how it is working, what kinds of solutions we have. They could bring up as specific examples the solutions of our project partners Pick and Evosoft: solving the problem of parking areas, company-paid season tickets and hireable bikes for employees. 

For nearly 150 years, Pick has been a significant player in the European food industry market and has been the leader of the Hungarian meat market, offering excellent quality products widely known and appreciated all over the globe. Pick Szeged Zrt. have the largest dried meat manufacturing capacity in Central -Europe and its scope of activities covers the entire meat industry verticum from slaughtering to the wholesale and retail distribution of meat and meat products. Evosoft Hungary Kft was founded by three engineers in 1995, more than 20 years ago. Starting out as a small home office, the start-up has by now evolved into an enterprise of approximately 1,000 employees, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of evosoft GmbH, which is an affiliate member of Siemens AG. Siemens AG, the largest European group of companies in the field of engineering and technology, is an exclusive customer of evosoft. 

The most interesting lecture for our experts was Mr. László Mutyus’s presentation about real time data service in the Smart City project of Debrecen.

The presentations of our experts were very important for the promotion of SASMob project because our crew could show the objectives and activities of the project in a professional circle. The members of the forum adopted a lot of proposals from Szeged and said that the city ranks among the best at smart investments which will gain further momentum in the future thanks to the SASMob project.

Author: the SASMob project team