End of BC Labs first edition
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On 12nd of July, the first edition of BC LABS has officially ended at the same time as the longest BC Lab Front-end web development.

Since the middle of March, around 140 people have been trained in the 7 different market niches. The experience has been very enriching, for both the technical team and the participants. 

Although the beginning was hard because it was the first time we put the BC LABs into operation, over months the training has been flowing and has been increasingly interesting, with visits to companies from different sectors and the realization of practical activities, first in the classrooms and then in the companies of the Project network.

It has also been very nice to see the process of the people participating in the ETEIS sessions, in which soft skills have been worked on, from self-knowledge to CV improvement or how to foster a job interview.
Throughout the training and, especially in the sessions of ETEIs, it has been seen how the participants have gone from being a group of people to a work team, through collaborative work, in which it has had more weight the needs of the group than the individual.
This work has achieved the integration of migrants from the groups, being in the end a small family.
As we have said, after the theoretical-practical training in the classroom, it was time to carry out practical training in companies. Although we still do not have specific data, we can say that there are companies that are going to hire people from the Project who went to carry out the training practices. The hiring will be carried out in the fields of green production, digital production: drones and robotics, care for dependents people, front-end web development and urban creation and recycling.