Road trip project
Short description
Yldau and Fabian, from the EU in my Region Road Trip Project, visited U-RLP Plan Einstein project and met Amir and Kimiya, refugees who live in the complex – and who are both profiting from what is on offer at Plan Einstein.

Amir and Kimiya  are both profiting from what is on offer at Plan Einstein, located right next to the living quarters: language classes, workshops and entrepreneurship courses which, by the way, are also open to locals. Personalised coaching to help finding a job or a place in higher education is also available.

Yldau and Fabian also had a chat with Dutch student Olivier who lives in a flat in the complex. All that is expected of him is “being a nice neighbour”. When Yldau mentioned the widespread resentment against refugees in her country, Olivier commented that it “is always easy to judge without knowing what is really going on. But people should invest time to find out what is happening here. Then you’re free to judge, but don’t scream without knowing what is going on.”

Read the full article and watch their short video here!