CURANT youngsters
Short description
‘The Human Link’ and the city of Antwerp organised a ‘Mind-Spring -course’ especially for our young refugees. ‘The Human Link’ is an organisation specialised in psychological help. Mind-Spring is a group session that was developed in the Netherlands. Other Belgian organisations, Like ‘ Centrum voor Algemeen Welzijnswerk (CAW) and ‘Centrum voor Geestelijke Gezondheid (CGG) already worked with it. Nine of our youngsters participated.

Anneloes Van Osselaer (project team CURANT): “Mind-Spring is a good alternative for the individual psychotherapy or group therapy offered by our partner Solentra. The youngsters learn how to reflect in group and try to focus on their vulnerabilities. Some of them recieve a clearer perspective with this course. Others are guided towards more individual or group sessions around certain themes.”

Don’t let stress control you, but take control of stress!

Mind-Spring is about themes like:

  • How to deal with change, loss and stress.
  • Finding a new and positive identity.

During the course, the participants did relaxation exercises and were handed other tools to find peace of mind.

Some reactions of our youngsters:

Farzad: ‘I recognize stress now en know better how to cope with problems in my life.’

For Hassan was the most important thing the discovery of his own identity.
‘I learned a lot about how I can fill in my future.’

Praises for the trainer

Every participant recieved an official certificate at the end of the course.
The youngsters honoured the educational team in a speech and presented them flowers.

Koen (The Human Link): ‘It was a very pleasant group to work with. Everyone was open and their input was really valuable for us. It was also a crucial benefit that we had a trainer like Rahim, who speaks Dari (language in Afghanistan: a region were lots of the young refugees originate from) and who interacts well with the youngsters.’