Short description
Researchers of CeMIS (Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies, University of Antwerp) presented CURANT at the annual conference of IMISCOE. That’s the largest European academic network for migration and integration.

Projectpartner CeMIS will make a evaluation study for CURANT. Its researchers will investigate thoroughly if and how the project works and reaches it’s goals. The IMISCOE conference was a fine opportunity to create recognition for CURANT in the academic world and to make contact with European specialists who investigate similar topics.

This year, the conference was about migration and diversity in cities. The ideal platform to present CURANT. There was a great interest in the project. There were also presentations about the latest scientific developments in theme’s like integration, housing, social services and urban policy. Theme’s that are of great importance for CURANT.

CeMIS also had the opportunity to meet with researchers who are involved with U-RLP ‘Plan Einstein’. This is another cohousing-project in Utrecht where asylum seekers and locals live and learn together in group. U-RLP is financed by the Urban Innovative Actions programme, just like CURANT. What both projects also have in common, is that their main goals are the shelter and integration of refugees.