Curant co-housing duos
Short description
On Monday, February 6th 2017, we proudly presented our cohousing project to the wider public. The chairman of social welfare Fons Duchateau and project leader Jolien De crom presented the project. During a panel discussion all official partners (Solentra, Vormingplus Antwerp, Cemis, JES vzw and Atlas) discussed about how they plan to support our duo’s according to their expertise. Top of the bill was the introduction of our first two cohousing duos.

Monday afternoon, February 6th the project team  presented the project to an audience of stakeholders, experts and press. More than a 100 people attended. After the presentations, the first two cohousing duo’s were presented.

Lisa and Ahmad have lived together for a week now.
They get along very well.

Ahmad: “I can talk easily with Lisa. She can teach me how to speak Dutch. I’m looking forward to cooking, jogging, ice skating with her and also to watch TV or movies together.”

Lisa: “For me, integration is not only a job for our government. We, as civilians also have a responsibility. When I heard about this project on the radio, I immediately knew this was something I really wanted to do.

Antwerpen - 2017-02 - 1_0_0.jpg

Our second duo, Khan-agha and Glen moved into their new home mid-February.

Initial reactions from the attending stakeholders at the kick-off were also very positive.

Ann – Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen: “It’s nice to see so much cooperation between different partners. These partners realise good things every day. When they are united, they can have a greater impact and in turn, they can improve their own expertise. Curant offers an opportunity for these young refugees to settle down in Antwerp. A city they are already familiar with due to school and their peer network.”

Chris – VDAB: “It’s a fantastic project. Unaccompanied minor refugees are often a forgotten subgroup. Thanks to his project, they can get the attention they deserve.”