CURANT modular units
Short description
At the moment, CURANT is building the innovative project BREM16. BREM16 is the brand name for our project with 16 modular units. The name refers to the street address ‘Lange Bremstraat’. At this site, CURANT will build homes for 16 new duo’s.
Each duo gets his own unit, with two separate bedrooms and a shared bathroom and kitchen. The homes are built in clusters of 4. Each cluster has one shared recreational space. There will also be recreational zones at the terrain, like a sports field. Duo’s can meet each other there and start a real CURANT-community! The first homes are ready.

Why is BREM16 so innovative?

  • All homes meet the latest sustainability and ecological standards.
  • Floors, walls and roofs consist of the basic material CLT (cross laminated timber). CLT meets the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. It balances the humidity, is energy efficient, strong and fireproof.
  • Project developer Skilpod builds the houses in advance at a construction site. Later on, they place the houses on the terrain. Thus waste and nuisance are diminished.

Who can live here and when?

BREM16 is meant for students and working youngsters. The first duo’s move here in October. Interested candidates can visit the site in August.

Meet the neighbours!

With BREM16, CURANT is building a whole new community in an existing neighbourhood. Therefore we want to maintain a close relationship with the neighbours and local Stakeholders. In June, we invited the inhabitants of Merksem (local district) for a tour around the construction site. 25 neighbours arrived on a sunny evening to take a look and gather more information about CURANT. They were enthusiastic about the Initiative and the new homes. Some of them even proposed to move to BREM16. Unfortunately, they did not belong to our target group.

After the first duo’s move in October we plan an event were the duo’s can meet their new neighbours.