Short description
Among the smallest structure of our partnership, Les Sens du Goût is also the most reactive. As the Soreli, the City of Lille and the European Metropolis of Lille are leading with public procurement and lists of specifications, they had already recruited two workshop managers in order to start their actions.

Actions with inhabitants

One of them is in charge of the “mobilisation of the culinary heritage of the inhabitants”: she made contact with a series of local groups of inhabitants, in order to discover which would take part in cooking workshops, and in which places there was a kitchen to lend. Her objective: targeting the most diverse population, and mixing publics. She implements her workshop always with an external help: artists, cooks, craft people… anything that can valorise the action of cooking through an original production, during a final event.

The first workshop took place in a theatre with ESAT Les Papillons Blancs, an NGO which handles mentally disabled persons. During 6 weeks, together with a theatre professional, they chose their menu, played the cooking role, and eventually cooked a whole cocktail which has been served for the final “vernissage” of the picture of their cooking/acting performance. A success for all, beneficiaries, families, and friends, who had come to the cocktail.

JUNE 2017_0407_AG_XpoPhotoRecette_ESAT-13.JPG

The second workshop was a partnership with the “Mission locale”, responsible for economic integration of young people. A group of 6 young person decided a menu (Macédoine de legumes, Tajine, Tiramisu…), then trained, and then filmed the whole cooking as if they were in a TV show. Watch here the final result:

Les Ateliers Cuisine & Vidéo from Les Funambulants on Vimeo.

Actions with schools

In the meantime, with the help of the Municipality of Lille education services, the other workshop manager started meeting the primary schools of the neighbourhood. Her objective is to raise awareness among young children on a diversified diet. She works with babies and their parents; with young children aged 3 to 5; and with older children aged 7 to 12. Her focus is not to explain what is “good” or “bad” for health, but rather to discover each aliment through the meaning of senses: what it sounds like, what it looks like, how does it feel, what does it smell, and eventually… describing the taste of it (acid, hot, fresh…). The workshop is such a success that she is afraid to finish her action one year before the end of the funding…

A provisory place to cook

In the long run, these workshops will take place in the common kitchen we aim to build… but the building will not be open before 2019.

In order to initiate common dynamics and to create a destination place at Fives Cail, the Soreli is currently working with architects on an anticipated kitchen. It should be located on the industrial site, on an available open space nearby the future buildings.

It should welcome temporary buildings like a convivial place to cook, eat and meet; a micro-urban farm to test agricultural solutions; and an open space to welcome public events.