Turin 3rd journal
Short description
By addressing social exclusion and urban poverty, through public-private-community partnerships and innovative procurement, the Turin Co-City project is rapidly becoming a best practice at the national and international level.

In this Journal, CO-CITY expert Christian Iaione analyses a basket of pacts of collaboration that particularly show the innovative nature of the partnership from a legal and economic standpoint. From community garden to childcare measures and the use of culture as driver for social inclusion, the 5 examples presented clearly demonstrate a high degree of civic entrepreneurship and the added value that the urban collaborative governance brings in the regeneration of public space and the fight against urban poverty. 
By being officially included in the action plan of the Urban Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Procurement, the lessons learned in CO-CITY will offer an opportunity to identify appropriate tools and policy framework at the European level, which could leverage the work on procurement of innovation and ensure the scale up and replication of the measures developed at the pilot stage.