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URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

News from the UIA projects

Urban mobility

SASMob - Smart Alliance for Sustainable Mobility

Szeged - Hungary

Joint Success of SASMob Project and Regular Events in Szeged by the Tisza River

Urban mobility
Aachen, Bratislava, Helsinki, Madrid, Réthimno, Sarajevo, Szeged – these seven cities introduced their transportation solutions in an ..
Urban mobility

TMaaS - Traffic Management as a Service

Ghent - Belgium

Conference is final agreement of the TMaaS project

Urban mobility
On 21st January the TMaaS Project will conclude with a final conference entitled “A Story of Innovating Mobility Together”. Given the c..
Climate adaptation

RESILIO - Resilience nEtwork of Smart Innovative cLImate-adapative rOoftops

Amsterdam - The Netherlands

Assessing the hydraulic performance of Blue-Green Infrastructure: the case study of Amsterdam's adaptive smart network blue-green roofs

Climate adaptation
A stepped process to evaluate the true potential of adaptive-blue green roofs for reducing flood risk ..
Digital transition

RUDI - Rennes Urban Data Interface

Rennes Metropole - France

Introducing Rudi, when data meets people

Digital transition
In this first article, UIA expert Simon Chignard introduces the motivations behind the Rudi project and the challenges faced by the pro..
Jobs and skills in the local economy

Cluj Future of Work

Cluj-Napoca - Romania

Festivals, film industry and multimedia products after the pandemic: Cluj-Napoca gives a glimpse of the future

Jobs and skills in the local economy
The partners of Cluj Future of Work and the participants to the Culturepreneurs programme are testing new ways for producing and distri..

Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarisation

Turin - Italy

Co-City - The collaborative management of urban commons to counteract poverty and socio-spatial polarization - ZOOM IN 2

The purpose of this 2nd Zoom-in is to provide a concise and accessible overview of the analytical grid construed through the UIA Co-Cit..

TAST’in FIVES - Transforming Areas with Social Talents: Feed, Include, Value, Educate, Share

Lille - France

What have been the impacts of TAST’IN Fives food related activities on the inhabitants of Fives and the project partners?

This Zoom-In presents an infographic of the analysis contained in the article Food-related activities as a leverage against urban pover..
Urban security

To-nite - Community-based urban security

Turin - Italy

Not all evils come to harm: Insights on how the ToNite project is dealing with the Pandemic.

Urban security
The resurgence of Coronavirus cases in recent days, making it clear that this second wave is upon us in Europe, is a good opportunity t..

NextGen Microcities - Next Generation Micro Cities of Europe

Ventspils & Valmiera - Latvia

The city of Valmiera, Latvia, introduces a strategy for developing industrial territories

In Valmiera, Latvia, partners from the public, private, non-governmental, and education sectors have worked together for more than a ye..

UIA latest news & events

UIA autre Soie Credits Noé Bravoux

EU cities explore fair finance to boost adequate and affordable housing

Local government actions to regulate housing markets and combat exclusion are showcased in a joint URBACT-UIA initiative running through 2020....
UIA Article
Affordable housing
Utrecht URLP

UIA cities facing Covid- 19 consequences: 4 inspiring articles to build back better the social fabric

Social and economic consequences of the pandemic will long outlive the health pandemic according to the United Nations....
UIA Article
03 Feb 2021
17 Feb 2021

Urban Development Network webinars: UIA, achievements and perspectives

With 86 projects supported, UIA has entered in a decisive phase in 2020, aiming at transferring, through the Knowledge Management Strategy, the wealth...
Cities engaging in the right to housing #3: Fair Finance - Introductory paper

Cities engaging in the right to housing #3: Fair Finance - Introductory paper

In this note, Laura Colini and Ivan Tosics introduce the financilisation phenomenon of the housing market and its consequences faced by cities at loca...
UIA Article
Affordable housing
URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

URBACT transfer mechanism for UIA practices is launched!

We are glad to announce that URBACT has launched the Call for a pilot mechanism to transfer the most successful UIA experiences to other cities facing...
UIA Article

Knowledge Activities in motion – 2021 is coming!

Building on the knowledge generated by the 86 UIA ongoing projects, the Initiative is leading, together with its partners and UIA cities, three knowle...
UIA Article
Lahti Project Citicap

4 articles, 4 projects, 4 inspiring practices rethinking urban and nature relationship

With the consequences of climate change and biodiversity loss, many challenges are ahead for EU cities. Read more about how UIA projects are testing n...
UIA Article
19 Nov 2020

Housing Fair Finance

As part of a one-year learning activity, URBACT and UIA organised third and final web conference on Thursday 19 November (10am-12pm CET) on the topic ...
Affordable housing

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