expert visit CoRDEES UIA project
Short description
After a first meeting with Juan Ramon De las Cuevas, our European expert in Brussels on July 11, in which we shared the outline of the project and defined the tools that the expert will use, another visit was scheduled for October in Paris.

The visit was set for October 10 and took place in the Clichy-Batignolles neighborhood in the presence of the partners.

In the morning, the expert visited a geothermal power station and pneumatic garbage collection center. Partners had the opportunity to exchange with the expert over lunch

During the afternoon, the expert spoke with EMBIX and PBA about the progress of their work packages.

This first visit took place in a climate of listening and kindness that was appreciated by the partners.

expert picture 1.JPG

More time will be required during the next visit in the spring of 2018 to go more into detail about work packages contents. We also expect from this next visit to get some learnings from other cities.

The journal produced by the expert, following this first visit, summarizes well the issues of the project and its complexity.