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In her 2nd journal of TUPPAC, UIA expert Anna Pernestal gives us a taste of how the project has progressed in the last months, focusing on the operation of driverless busses in demand responsive services on public streets.

As we speak, three busses of this kind have arrived in Albertslund and are ready to hit the roads after minor adjustments on type approval, colors and logos! This practically means that driverless busses pilots are at Denmark’s doorstep, and Anna has quite some interesting information on when and how this is going to be done. 
Further to that, Anna tries to address some upcoming hot questions when it comes to driverless mobility, in terms of trust placed by the community in these systems, and share insights on the operators’ point of view. 
Finally, Anna looks into the challenges faced by TUPPAC/LINK, highlighting those of technical and legislative readiness, and communication with target beneficiaries. As the TUPPAC team is aware and ready to tackle them, read though the journal to find out how! 

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